A List of Summer Goals That Does Not Include Packing, Moving, or Applying for Jobs

10 Jun

I might have bit off more than I can chew this summer in terms of work load. But, hey, it’s my first tenure track summer! I’m not moving! I’m not applying for jobs! Thanks to my retention package, I have a research plan laid out. And I got summer funding to conduct research! So all systems are GO for a productive summer!

Here’s what’s on my plate:

  • Teaching 2 1 online classes. This one isn’t hard, and since we don’t get paid over the summer, it’s a necessity. But I always forget how much time the grading takes. But, the classes are prepped and I can teach it in my PJs. 1 down, 1 more to go!
  • Finishing Article 1 and sending it out. Thanks to my writing group, I got great feedback on this piece and I’ve been giving it a theory-overall. I’ve been reading tons of new lit for it, and I’m very excited. I think it just needs a solid day or two of work and then I can send it for some feedback before getting it out the door.
  • Human Subjects Application for summer research. Done!
  • Conducting interviews. I got some summer grant money to conduct more interviews! This is very exciting as my dissertation hasn’t really had *new* data since, well, ok, a really long time. These interviews will give a chance to write another article delving into a new area of my research, and will give me a well-rounded set of data for the book proposal I’m going to work on in the fall.
  • Introduction syllabus. I’m redoing my Intro syllabus in a sort of experimental sans-textbook way. I’m excited to teach two sections of Intro in the Fall– one entirely to first years!
  • Civic engagement course proposal. I am working on the university application to revamp a course I’ve taught before into a class that meets the civic engagement requirement. It’s for a course I’m going to teach pretty regularly in years to come, so it’s exciting to think about how to get the students out in the community in a way that satisfies all the learning outcomes.
  • Leading an independent study for a student that corresponds with my own research (so helps me out).
  • National conferences: In August we have national conferences and I have all sorts of commitments for those. I’m helping to organize a few activities, going to lots of meetings, and serving as a discussant on a panel.
  • Move into my new office! With a window! So I can cross one of my first TT goals off the list!

In terms of getting stuff done, I seem to be doing really well at home. My partner is also busy with her own writing projects, so we’re working a lot together. At the dining room table, in the living room, or sometimes on the porch. Once I move into my new space (with light!) at school, I’ll work there 1-2 days a week. A couple gadgets have been helping me productivity-wise:

  1. My Little Pomodoro (not available anymore, for some strange reason. You could try another free one in the App Store like Timey). I’ve always been a timer fan. I finished my dissertation in literally 15 minute chunks with a physical kitchen timer. I even like the timer ticking to remind me to stay on task.
  2. Focusbar. I just found this nice little app, and I’m a fan. Basically, if you’re working (in Word), and you move to another window (browser, email etc.), a window pops up and reminds you of what you should be working on.
  3. Any.Do. This is maybe the 427th “to do” app I’ve tried out, and I think we have a winner. More on this in another post.

I’m always fighting that computer-based internet-related OMG-I-have-to-read-all-the-blogs-and-news attention deficit disorder. Some people have success with more drastic apps that actually lock them out of certain websites and specific times, but these two seem to be enough right now.

So here’s to a summer of productivity (without the job market and without moving)!

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