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10 Aug

Welcome to my new little blogging home! I’ve just moved for my new TT job, and I’m mostly unpacked and ready to dig into some serious work. After months of moving, I’m ready for a routine again. And after two years in a temporary “only visiting” job, I’m thrilled to start my new “forever” job!

I guess I could start with a to do list. I have some goals that have been kicking around in my brain during and since the move, and I want this to be a place I can post them and then check in about them later on. Here goes!

  • Finish syllabi for 2 fall courses. I began these awhile back, and I already have the books ordered. I want to make sure to leave time for my department chair to review them before the semester begins.
  • Set up my office. For the first time, I’m going to have all my academic books in one place– my office at school. I used to have some at home and some at school, and that didn’t work. I plan to spend a day this week unpacking those boxes and making my (windowless) office a cozy, scholarly, home away from home!
  • Create a list of goals for the semester. As per one of my favorite blogs, I want to lay out my goals and a time frame for those goals for this semester.
  • Create a writing schedule. Well, I don’t do well with a set-time schedule, but I want to have a goal to write an hour a day on teaching days, and to set aside 1 full day a week for writing. To do this, I plan to reread one of my favorite books, Boice’s Advice for New Faculty Members, and to read Boice’s follow up book, Professors as Writers.
  • Review tenure track advice. I have been saving tenure track advice for the last few years in Evernote, and I want to go through and read it, and post some of the best advice here.
  • Create a professional website. My old grad school website still exists for some reason. That needs to go, and I need a new, professional home on the internets.
  • Start a tenure track file. This one seems obvious, but given that I’ve just seen a few friends scramble to put their tenure packages together, I think starting sooner rather than later is a good plan!

That’s it for now!

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